The Hungry Monster

3 - 6 years
Monster illustration

Simple games are a fantastic way for little kids to learn and practice new skills – while having fun! The ‘Hungry Monster’ repetition game is great for developing memory and language skills, and learning when to use ‘a’ or ‘an’. This game is can be played anywhere and the more players, the better! Find out how.

How to play:

  1. Start by saying to your child, ‘Let’s play the ‘Hungry Monster’ game! We’ll take it in turns to be the Hungry Monster and think of something that the Hungry Monster wants to eat. Each time it’s our turn we have to remember the other things the Hungry Monster wants to eat and then add a new one to the list. I’ll start…’
  2. Say, ‘I’m a hungry monster and I want to eat … (insert a phrase such as “an apple”).’
  3. Tell your child – ‘It’s your turn now. You say ‘I’m a hungry monster and I want to eat “an apple”’ and add something else…like “an umbrella!”’.
  4. Encourage your child to repeat the ‘Hungry Monster’ sentence and add their own word to the list. At the start, you may need to help your child when it’s their turn, until they get the hang of the game.
  5. Continue on with the game, repeating and building on the list with each players turn – ‘I’m a hungry monster and I want to eat an apple and an umbrella and …’, and so on. See how many items you and your child can remember!

You can play this game with any number of variations – such as a ‘scary dinosaur’ that wants to stomp on things, a ‘magical fairy’ who wants to grant wishes to children, a ‘curious alien’ who or wants to visit different places… or anything else your child is interested in!

You can also extend the game to add in adjectives to describe the different objects in the list, for example, a ‘fuzzy peach’ or ‘stinky cheese’. This will help build your child’s vocabulary, and also provide cues to help prompt their memory.

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Last modified
1 August 2019